.Story Of A Beautiful Baby Girl.

Dedicated to the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl,


This is a story of a precious baby girl who was brought to us when she was only three days old weighing 6lbs. 3ozs. When the caseworker called us about taking care of a three day old baby we were real nervous and excited at the same tim. We didn’t know whether to say “yes, we would take care of the baby” or “no”, but then when we heard the baby didn’t have a name, and was being placed for adoption, we knew we couldn’t say no. After I finished talking to the caseworker my husband and I rushed around like proud new parents, looking for things the baby needed before she came to stay with us. By the time the caseworker brought the baby I had calmed down a little on the outside but I’m just glad no one could see me on the inside. I’m just glad the lady didn’t hand her to me because I would have been afraid I might have dropped her. I’m glad she laid her on my couch. All the time the caseworker was talking to me I really wasn’t listening because I was looking and thinking about the little baby on my couch. I was thinking about being able to get acquainted with the baby by myself, without worrying about if I was doing something wrong because it had been a long time since I had taken care of a little baby, since my daughter was fourteen. I wanted to see if I remembered how to take care of a little baby. But, I soon learned that you might think you forgot but a lot of things come back to you in the long run. Like waking up in the middle of the night and diaper rash. But, all of that is unimportant especially when you see a baby’s smile and when they hold your finger and when they hold on tight to you and when they try to talk to you with their little noises and gurgling sounds. I tell you a child brings something wonderful into your life and she is such a lovely little girl that we couldn’t go around calling her baby girl. Every child deserves a name. So that is why we tried to find one to fit the little girl that we were taking care of. She looks like a little angel that is why we called her, Angela Nicole. My daughter picked the middle name and that is what she really is, a little angel from heaven. At the age of three months and a few days old, we still love her and weighing at the time of her last check up, 11 lbs. 3ozs. and getting stronger and bigger everyday. She is now learning how to turn over, from her stomach to her back. So all I know is that it takes love and patience and attention and understand for a child to grow up right. I’m glad that she is going to get a family that makes sure she has love so that she can grow up to know that she is loved and wanted in this world; not feel rejected so that she can grow into a beautiful young woman. It makes giving her up less painful.


I wish all of you much happiness and love.

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