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Playdate fun!

I decided to have some friends over today and it was a lot of fun!! Kendra, Tommie and Evie showed up around 10.. Ann-Morgan came at 10:30 (her girls Katie and Paige were already over. I was watching them so she could go get a spa treatment). Then Carrie, Logan and Lauren showed up. Tammy, Isaac, Sam and Lillian. Kelly, Grant and Addie. Last but not least, Kelly and Carson. The kids played outside on the swingset, in the sandbox and in the pool.

We ordered pizza from Pizza Pan. This place is awesome. You buy one pizza and get 2 free if you pick it up. So I got a family size, 16 slices and 2 free family sizes! It was 3 bucks per family! That’s a deal!! You can’t even do fast food for that for a family!

Only 3 pictures. They were doing such a great job eating their pizza. Isaac, Sam, Lillian, Lauren and Paige are missing from the pictures. They must have been inside.

They were doing such a great job eating quietly out there! It was definitely a good time!

Katie K., Addie and Katie


Brianna, Evie, Carson, Tommie, Logan and Grant

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Scrapbook Weekend Jan. 26-28!

We had an absolute blast during the scrapbook weekend. Tammy and I got there around 7:30ish, we had gotten lost! We ate some dinner and then started down to business. We had fun laughing and carrying on, as well as getting some pages done. I think I did 1 or 2 LOL..Which is actually good for me. I tend to socialize way more than I scrap. Christie had to keep me in check LOL. We left the craft building around 1-1:30am. Then watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding while eating stromboli until 3am. Didn’t fall asleep until 4am.

Christie getting some advice from Krisha.

Michelle writing a check for the weekend. I love her pages, she does an awesome job!

Tammy doing getting her beads together. She made necklaces, bracelets and earrings!

We got about 3 hours of sleep, got up and went back to the craft building to start more fun LOL. Stephanie took more pics than I did, and I’m in all of her pics LOL, so I don’t have any with me in them. I took time to scrap and then would get a snack and chat for awhile. It’s hard for me to focus when there is talking that can be done LOL. We stayed in the craft building until dinner. Went back to the cottage to eat. Then came back and scrapped until 1am. Then hung out, took showers and talked until 3am..

Sarah talking to Krisha.

Michelle going through pictures 🙂

Kelly giving me the “why are you taking my picture V” look, LOL!

A page that I was working on. One of my faves of the weekend!

Sunday we got up around 11. Didn’t do any scrapping. Just got our stuff cleaned up and then took off for home. I drove, Tammy and Michelle came with me. We got some frosty’s on the way.

I really can’t wait to do it again. It was so much fun and those girls are hilarious. We spent so much time laughing. I got about 9-10 pages done total. Which is awesome for me!

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Our Labor Day Weekend!

Friday night we went to the pet store to see some puppies! Brianna had said she wanted to go so after dinner we went over to Petland. First we looked at the rabbits, I picked one up for the girls to pet, it started going crazy so I put it back. Then I let a bird hop onto my finger so they could see. We took a look at all the puppies. We picked a little fluffy puppy, not sure of the breed and took it to the little cubicle and the girls were in puppy heaven! It was all over the place, going back and forth between Brianna and Katie. And it kept nibbling on their clothes, shoes and fingers. It was cute until I picked it up and looked at it’s face and I swear it had an ewok face and all I could do was laugh at it the rest of the time. We said good bye to the animals and went home. After putting the kids to bed Brian and I watched Who’s Line, had some fun on the stairs on the way up to bed and then I fell fast asleep!

Saturday, I was up early, I couldn’t sleep after my 6am temp time. Katie got up around 7 to go potty. We went back into bed to cuddle. Then Brianna came in. Brianna and I got dressed, went to Walmart to get party stuff, got some cupcakes, tinkerbell/cars cups, tinkerbell/cars stickers, oreo mini snack bags, matchbox cars, jacks and apple juice. Went to Joanne Etc. got a bunch of foam craft stuff on sale with an extra 40% off and some blank puzzles. We got home, gave Brianna a bath and got her dressed. I jumped in the shower and got myself together. Brian and Katie were all ready to go. I made the goody “bags” Got all the craft stuff together. Loaded the van and we were off. Half way to the rec center I remembered that I had forgotten candles and a lighter. So we stopped at Kroger. I ran in, got a number 5 candle, a lighter, a bag of chex mix and 2 liter of coke and sprite. We got to the rec center, unloaded Brianna and I and all the stuff to take in, Brian and Katie parked the van. Got stuff set up and a couple minutes later in walked Hannah, Brianna’s first guest. Talked to her father, he got her changed, (it was supposed to be a pool party) and then he left. The girls started making necklaces. Then came Carrie with Lauren, Logan was at his golf lesson and was going to come late. Then in came the twins with their grandmother and then Jennifer their mom walked in. Then Deana, Conner and Brandon, Jenny, with Taylor and Aaron. After that Kelly with Griffen. All the kids did crafts and then we went to the gym, they played with the balls and we did the parachute. Then we went back to the room for cupcakes and then presents. It went pretty smoothly and 2 hours was just fine! After that we went to my parents. Katie took a nap. My Mom and I went through the JC Penney catalog, then put up the fall decorations. We left after Katie got up. She did the cutest thing, she kept creeping up on people and saying “I’m……. Going…….To……Getchoo!” And then would tickle us. She did it to Popi repeatedly. It was adorable! We left, got the kids McDonald’s and us some BW3’s wings. Brian and I had a money arguement, before, during and after I put the kids to bed. I left and went to Kelly’s and was there until 11:30..

All crafts set up and getting Brianna and Hannah started. Katie eating chex mix 🙂

Hannah making her very own puzzle, she drew her family! Brianna making a necklace with star beads!

Katie drawing her puzzle!

On the left of the table: Taylor, Jennifer, Jennifer’s mom, Lauren, Amanda, Aaron, Jenny
On the right, Griffen, Hannah and baby Lauren!

Kelly, Carrie, baby Lauren’s head, Katie, Hannah and Griffen!

Open gym. Brianna waiting her turn, Brian lifting Katie up to make a basket.

Parachute fun! (most of these pics came out blurry 😦 )

All the kids would run underneath as soon as we would pull it up.

Brianna and Amanda!

Cupcakes and candle time! Taylor, Katie and I are cut off, Brianna and Lauren.

Buttercream icing is good! Brianna and Katie!

After opening Conner’s present (strawberry shortcake book and blueberry muffin doll) Deana, Brandon, Taylor, Brianna, Conner, Hannah, Katie, my arm LOL.

After opeing Hannah’s present (Dora figure, Angeline doll) Brianna and Hannah!

After opening the twins present (Lollipop, princess fruitsnack, glitter make-up, bracelet, princess place setting and flatware, princess game) Taylor, Brianna, Griffen, Lauren and Amanda!

After opening Taylor’s present (Barbie Mini Kingdom, odette and erika dolls) Taylor and Brianna!

After opening Logan and Griffen’s present (Belle, Cinderella and Aurora sparkle princesses) Logan, Brianna and Griffen

Logan, Griffen, Katie, Brianna, Taylor, Conner, Brandon, Amanda, Hannah (Lauren was hiding)

Sunday we went to church. Came home, had some lunch. Katie took a nap. I took a nap. Brian ended up falling asleep on the couch. I woke up, made chicken linguine (grabbed the wrong box, meant to get fettucine) and alfredo sauce! It was good. Then we went to Walmart to get some ranch dip mix and some ruffles and then off to the dollar theater. We saw Cars. It was really good. The girls both got the kid’s meal, popcorn, soda and m&m’s. Katie had to pee twice during the movie, so I missed some parts. Can’t wait until it is on DVD! Got the kids to bed and brian and I ate nutcones and watched an epi of smallville. Then up to bed and had some fun 🙂

Monday we had a slow day, my temp was still up, so Brian and I decided that I should go get a test. I went and got one at Walmart along with some cream cheese. Then stopped at Tim Horton’s for donuts and bagel. Had some breakfast when I got home. Did things around the house. Took the test. Brian went in to look at it and it was a bum test, there was no control line. There was nothing. So he wanted me to get another one. I decided no, I’d wait it out. I went in to watch tv and I looked at it again and the control line was there and it looked faint positive. I showed it to Brian, he saw it too. Then he wanted me to get another one. I said I would wait. Then when we looked again it was just negative. So I said I was definitely waiting. I ended up spotting a bit. We had dinner at my parents, the girls played in the pool. It was nice. Then we got home and hung out I think. I can’t remember LOL. I know once the girls were in bed we watched some TV about the Dugger family and then some of the shrinking woman. I went online for a bit and then went to bed.