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And the clock keeps on ticking..

Today I’m 37wks! Alex can come out whenever he wants now. Brianna came at 40+1 and Katie at 39.. I would rather have him early than be overdue! I’m more than ready to have him out and share him now, plus I can’t wait to see his cute little buns all fluffed out in cloth! I have my appt. today. Last week they started internals and did the GBS test.Β  I was 0 dilated, firm and long. With my history of doing no change before going into labor I wasn’t surprised!

Brian has a lot going on at work and would like Alex to come anytime now as well so he can take off, LOL.. He is really excited about this little boys arrival and thinks it will be next week sometime.

Brianna’s last day of Kindy is today. I can’t believe it. Where has this year gone? I feel so sad that I wasn’t the best mom I could have been for her this year with being so sick most of it or so uncomfortable and irritable. She’s going to miss her friends, so we’ll have to set up lots of playdates and keep in touch.Β  Her class had a fieldtrip to the zoo yesterday. I went as well as Katie, my Mom and Dwight (who got layed off 😦 last week I think it was). Brianna really wanted to go with her friend Eden, it was a really laid back trip. So I let her go off with Eden and her Mom and another little girl. She was thrilled. I was walking around like a snail and so uncomfortable anyway and Katie was super whiny. I’m glad that I made her last field trip a fun one, by not trying to be involved LOL.

Katie was done with preschool last week. My poor girl. The reason she was so whiny yesterday was she was getting sick. I thought it was just plain old allergies, but it wasn’t. Had a fever last night of 102. Threw up in our bed and complained of her ears hurting.. I’m getting her into the ped. today. If she has an ear infection that is the 2nd one this year.

Alright, I know I have more to say, but my brain is starting to falter…

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Wii wish you a Merry Christmas!

I am the best wife ever because I got my husband Wii for Christmas.

I got it on ebay Monday. Bid on one with wii play/remote, extra nunchuk and Mario Galaxy, Got it for $465. Not too bad considering retail plus tax would have been $400.. I paid $30 something in shipping and it arrived on Wednesday. The guy who I got it from, he had more auctions just like mine and I was the one who paid the least. Someone paid $530 before shipping!

I returned Brian’s PS2 w/ all it’s games to EB Games, because that had been our plan had we decided to get one. I got $66 for everything. I used my brother’s PS2 as a decoy. I returned Mario Galaxy to Walmart and repurchased it from EB Games with the money from the PS2 sale. We have $8 left over to spend there. My brother gave me cash for the extra nunchuk to give to Brian for Christmas.

I had nightmares of him finding out before Christmas. And all the running around had me ultra grumpy and tired. One of the reasons I didn’t even try to get one at the store, they always had people waiting in line. My one really good chance would have been when they had the huge release at every story, but it was snow and ice, and people had been waiting in line before 6am.. No way could I have handled it LOL..

Then Christmas came, it was the last present of the day. I had it over my parent’s house, as we were going there for Christmas day and I knew that he would want to open it to play right away and I would want to head over to my parent’s.

The look of surprise on his face was priceless and worth all that I went through to get it.

He played all afternoon. I fell asleep and he woke me up to catch a glimpse of my Mom playing the boxing game. It’s a lot of fun and I am really good at bowling and I love Mario Galaxy. I really want the Nights game. As I was a huge fan of Nights on Sega..

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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Please let the sickies go!

I want all this sickness gone from my house, especially before Christmas.

Katie and I have pink eye.

Brianna is getting over pneumonia w/asthma.. She was on zithromax and has to take an albuterol inhaler every 4 hours. She missed 6.5 days of school.

Brian is now sick as well..

On the upside, the last two days morning sickness hasn’t been bad at all.. So hopefully I’m coming to an end of that..

I’ve pretty much been away from the computer, we had internet issues so I was offline for two days and just taking care of everyone and feeling sick myself..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving..

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My first NHL hockey game!

Brian’s Dad works for a company that does report cards for companies. They have people go in and test things out, like hotels. Well his company was going to test out Nationwide Arena, and his Dad was sending his “testers” tickets to the Bluejackets game. Not everyone could go, so he sent us two tickets. They were $275 a piece! We our own “table”, replay screen, comfy rolly chairs and our own waitress!!! I was seriously spoiled beyond belief! Regular box seats don’t even compare to what we had. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! We ordered lunch from our waitress Connie. Brian just got some chicken fingers. I got a grilled chicken sandwhich. We also had fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Brian got a beer. I was going to order from the bar but started to get really cold even with Brian’s coat on my legs. So I just got hot chocolate instead. After the game some of the players were going to be signing autographs in our section, so we stood in line for about 45-60 minutes and got some! We got Jody Shelley, Zenon Konopka and Manny Malhotra. Of course we took pictures, I’m even in some!

Waiting for the game to start! The little blue lights in the crowd were from keychain flashlights OhioHealth passed out to people entering the game.

In play, it was awesome to finally be at a game and not just seeing it on TV. Though we are Philly Flyers fans πŸ˜‰

Blackhawks dominated the game. As you can see, many more shots on goal than the Blue Jackets! And up 3-0!

Face-off after a commercial. It was really funny when a commercial would come on because the players would just stand or skate around like they were bored and singing la-de-da LOL!

I think this was the first fight of the game and it was right in our corner! It was pretty interesting to watch the guys playing and then get pissed at each other and start fighting. My fave is the ref with the orange bands, he’s just standing there with his arms crossed watching LOL.

This was during halftime or something like that. They had two little kid hockey teams out on the ice and it was too cute to watch them. One of them was really good and kept scoring, he was a bit bigger though.

Me taking our picture. I love this once, hence the icon LOL.

Connie took our picture. I like this one because you can see the arena behind us!

Brian. See how it just seems like we are floating. It was kind of a bizarre feeling being completely exposed like that, but also so cool, because it was like we were in our own little world!

Me, and don’t look at my fattness. Seriously I do not look this fat. I think it’s because I have a tanktop underneath my sweater, making me have a uniboob (and my boobs are huge anyway) and then wearing the bulky sweater and being in a seated position. Sigh. I need to work out *wah*

Blue Jackets trying to score.

When we looked over our little piece of glass that you can see in the left hand corner of the pic, we could see one of the cameras and the guy who does the music. He plays some and does some sort of drum machine as well as uses the computer for the songs. It was cool to watch him when he was doing it.

I like this pic, you can see everything!

Another fight LOL.

Zambonis! They would pick two kids at the beginning of a game and they would get to ride out on the zambonis.

When we were waiting in line for autographs the Blue Jacket guy came around. We had to get a picture with him!

Everyone’s gone. The red asterik is where we were sitting!

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Disney Vacation Pictures: Second day in Florida! (post 2)

We spent the whole day at Epcot. After finishing up breakfast we walked around for awhile as the rest of the park was not open yet. It was really awesome to be the first ones there! No crowds, it was just so peaceful! Very cool! Brianna took off with the rest of the family to look around and Brian and Katie and I took in the sites. Then we met everyone and went on Soarin. That ride is so amazing! It really does feel like you are flying over all the places.. Everyone went on, while Lexi, Lauren and I stayed with Katie. Then when they got of the ride, we went on while they stayed with Katie. She ended up taking a nap and I carried her during her nap in the playtex hip hammock.. Love that thing, It was a life saver!

Princess Aurora signing the girls books! Katie trying to touch her!

Getting ready to pose for a picture!

Brianna totally loving every minute of it πŸ™‚

A final hug between princesses!

Golf ball just waiting to be hit LOL!

Love the clouds in this pic! The fountains were amazing! Katie loved looking at them and they were synchonized with music! It was awesome to watch!

Love this pic! Brianna is off with the rest of the family. and I have no clue who even took this pic LOL.. But it turned out great!!

Katie by her fave fountain! Every time we passed by it she had to go look!

Katie being sassy. Playing with a wet wipe, washing Aunt Lauren’s hand while we wating for everyone to get off Soarin!

Playing with Aunt Lauren’s camera while Lexi watches!

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My husband..

is Mr. Potato Head! Work was having their costume/potluck today. And his group was 80’s toys and games. So he chose Mr. Potato Head. Actually I told him it would be easy to do with using Brianna’s big stuffed potato head velcro parts… So I put it together last night and I think it turned out awesome. We are missing some parts that we just could not find and we looked everywhere. We only had 1 ear and we couldn’t find the big cheesy grin..

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Brian didn’t get another interview, they said he needed more experience..

He was pretty upset with me because when he called to tell me I was in the process to figuring out my Mom’s new phone and then running out the door to meet Deana at Homestead Park..

But I wrote him an email and he never received it, so I printed it out so he could read it when he got home. He felt better afterwards..

I love you.. I can totally understand how frustrated you must be and I
know this must be hard to think about, but if you were meant for this
job, you would have gotten it. God has a bigger plan for you and our
family. One that we don’t see yet.. Β It might seem like things are
never going to go your way, but we have to think maybe our way isn’t
God’s way.. *hugs* I love you so very much. I’m so thankful to have
you as my husband. Continue to do an awesome job at work, God has
something in store for you. I know it πŸ™‚