P is for persistence.

Last Monday evening at 9:30pm, Alex came downstairs after being tucked in bed and presumably asleep to tell us he had forgotten something important.

He had been nominated again by his classmates for student council. There was a paper to sign for permission and some questions he had to fill out answers to. Of course he was also supposed to bring in a poster and write and present a speech. Needless to say I was irritated by the fact it was 9:30pm after a 3 day weekend when all of that could have been prepared in a timely fashion!

I asked if he wanted to participate again? He said yes. I had him fill out the paper. I signed it. He brought it to school and then he forgot to turn it in!

I asked again if he really wanted to participate because his forgetfulness was proving otherwise. He assured me again that he did.

I made him grab his poster from last year, we put a different picture of him on it and I said there you go. Last week was a busy week in the Quinn household, but when isn’t it a busy week with 4 kids?!

He walked out the door to go to the bus without the poster and I almost lost my mind and I had Katie go get him so he could retrieve it.

He turned everything in. He wrote a small speech about how he enjoyed student council last year and would dance in front of the class if he won this year.

He got the most votes and won. According to him, they play a random song on Friday afternoons and the class said, now you have to dance and he did. He said it was the craziest dance he’s ever done and he couldn’t repeat it if he tried and that his class was laughing and cheering.

He was both very proud of winning again and very embarrassed about the dancing but when he tells the story, he is grinning from ear to ear.

I love Alex. I’m proud of him. Not everything is going to be perfect and Pinterest worthy and it’s okay to reuse things you already have.. I love that even with his forgetfulness, he persisted. I admire the persistence. I just have to remember that I admire it when he is using it in ways that drive me crazy 😂


New and exciting!

I switched over to wordpress with my own domain name. I just got done moving all my LJ entries over. I used a program I found via Google. It got most enties in, There were about 200 missing. I just manually did a whole bunch, so I am up to date, just older entries are missing. I’m to tired to figure out how to do it again. So oh well. Looking forward to being in a new place.

It’s going on 1am though. I’m tired and Alex is most likely going to be waking up any second. I should probably get to bed now!



I have everything wrapped and ready to go for the girls and Brian! Wahoo!


I still have 5 hat/scarf sets to crochet.

My hands aren’t cooperating as well as my busy schedule!

Must get this stuff done!!!

And another note…

Do not let the man from the “meat truck” remotely near your door. He’s scary and walks right into your house even with protests and proceeds to display all his meat products on your family room floor, demanding you give him a price. Very frightening experience..



I’m really tired and I have to get the laundry in the dryer folded so that I can finish up the diaper laundry. It has taken all day..

I took Brianna and Katie to  the Clay Cafe and they painted ceramics for the grandparents for Christmas. They should be done by Fri. I’ll be sure to take pics of their work, they did such an awesome job. We met Kendra and Evie at another place that I thought did it, but it turned out they haven’t done it in a year, so we found Clay Cafe in Grandview. It was a fun place, they gave me a $10 gift certificate too, I’ll definitely be going back soon!

I made a really good cake last night. The recipe is called “better than sex cake”. It was very good, but not better than sex. Plus it was something outrageous at 555 calories a slice. But like I said, really good. I’m going to have to have sex to work off some of the calories LOL.

I started back in the nursery today. It was nice being back and hanging out with Mandi again. Alex is such a big boy compared to the other babies.

I ordered Katie a personalized tea set for Christmas.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

I’ve been feeling blah lately, not sure exactly why. I’m hoping to snap out of it soon.



An interesting thought from Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw in their book Jesus for President.

“For Jesus and his followers, the central question was, How do we live faithfully to God? It [the central question] was not How do we run the world as Christians … how do I run this profit-driven corporation as a Christian … how can we make culture more Christian … how would a responsible Christian run this war. But Jesus taught that his followers—or even the Son of God!—should not attempt to “run the world” (p. 167).