P is for persistence.

Last Monday evening at 9:30pm, Alex came downstairs after being tucked in bed and presumably asleep to tell us he had forgotten something important.

He had been nominated again by his classmates for student council. There was a paper to sign for permission and some questions he had to fill out answers to. Of course he was also supposed to bring in a poster and write and present a speech. Needless to say I was irritated by the fact it was 9:30pm after a 3 day weekend when all of that could have been prepared in a timely fashion!

I asked if he wanted to participate again? He said yes. I had him fill out the paper. I signed it. He brought it to school and then he forgot to turn it in!

I asked again if he really wanted to participate because his forgetfulness was proving otherwise. He assured me again that he did.

I made him grab his poster from last year, we put a different picture of him on it and I said there you go. Last week was a busy week in the Quinn household, but when isn’t it a busy week with 4 kids?!

He walked out the door to go to the bus without the poster and I almost lost my mind and I had Katie go get him so he could retrieve it.

He turned everything in. He wrote a small speech about how he enjoyed student council last year and would dance in front of the class if he won this year.

He got the most votes and won. According to him, they play a random song on Friday afternoons and the class said, now you have to dance and he did. He said it was the craziest dance he’s ever done and he couldn’t repeat it if he tried and that his class was laughing and cheering.

He was both very proud of winning again and very embarrassed about the dancing but when he tells the story, he is grinning from ear to ear.

I love Alex. I’m proud of him. Not everything is going to be perfect and Pinterest worthy and it’s okay to reuse things you already have.. I love that even with his forgetfulness, he persisted. I admire the persistence. I just have to remember that I admire it when he is using it in ways that drive me crazy 😂

Fun Stuff

Ask Anything Monday

Is there anything you want to know about me?

It can range from something silly to what we like to call “level 3″ aka very personal.

I’m excited to see some interesting questions!

Don’t forget about my first giveaway. There are many ways to enter.

  • Comment with a cool crochet pattern for me to try in  the Giveaway post.
  • Ask me a question here.

*Ella asks:

Have you seen the “Escalade” lately?

No I haven’t. They are done working on the store now, so I think that is why. I do have a new Escalade to covet though. It is black and silver and just beautiful. I see it everyday on the way to take the girls to school.

What is your favorite Book, you can only choose one ;) heehee

This one is slightly harder. I love to read and have so many favorites. Which you know. I guess if I had to pick my ultimate favorite it would have to be The Outsider’s by S.E. Hinton. I have read it numerous times as well as watched the movie. It’s a classic.

How is the bedroom challenge going?

Well the first week was the bedroom. I still am decluttering, but it is coming along. Everyone should go check out this weeks challenge here.

Anything you would like to share, like the “Heehees” that you and B have shared?

Maybe after Brian’s depression from the Eagles loss goes away, I’ll have something exciting to report 😉

When are you calling me?????

Now 🙂

*Anna asks:

Did you go to http://www.mytwinn.com today?

After your recommendation I did visit the site. Very cute things there! Thanks for the heads up!

Interesting, My Husband

The good and the bad

I haven’t been able to fit into any pre-pregnancy pants except those that have elastic waistbands.

Brian and I started working out at the gym a couple of weeks ago and trying to eat more healthily.

Because Alex decided to puke on me the other night, my fave black pants, were in the wash and out of commission.

It came time to get ready for church and I realized I had no pants options left. I was scared. I went to try on my “fat” jeans. The jeans that I couldn’t pull up past my thighs when I tried them on last.

I was fearful. I shut myself into my closet and put one foot in. Then the other foot  and pulled, praying for a miracle. Let these jeans please fit me Lord!

They fit, praise God!

Then came time to pull up the zipper. With a lot of hard work, I got it closed. I realized that maybe, if I put on my tummy shaper undergarment, it would work better to my advantage. I took off the jeans and poured myself into the black, tight spandex. I put the jeans back on and the zipping was a much easier task.  Then I went to walk and I looked kind of like a penguin. I needed to do the sit test. I sat on the side of the bed and decided to never try that again.

I took the jeans off, peeled off my tummy shaper and was quite discouraged.

Then, a glimmer of hope. I had an idea and it was brilliant…..

I put on a pair of Brian’s jeans and was pleasantly surprised that they fit and didn’t look to bad either.

So not only was I wearing my husband’s Eagles shirt (the Eagles that let us down in the NFC Championship game. They came so very close.) but also his jeans.

I told him good news, I can fit in my jeans. Bad news, I can’t sit down in them. Good news, your jeans fit me. To which he replied, “YOU’RE WEARING MY JEANS!”

Sharing is caring right 🙂

Oh and I got several compliments from friends at church on my “new” jeans!

Now I just have to keep up the good work, I’ll be back in MY jeans before I know it. Until then, I know I have a great alternative!

Fun Stuff

Giveaway #1

I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway from the first time I heard about them. I love giving. I would give all I had if Brian let me. It’s one of my spiritual gifts and I love exercising it!

So I was thinking and thinking about what I wanted to do. I wanted it to be something special and what is more special than something handmade with love!

So, MayAngelStar’s 1st giveaway is a crocheted hat and scarf. Just like what my Aunt Freda is wearing here. The winner gets to pick out of the following colors: Blossom, taupe, cocoa, heart red, or celadon.

To get chances to win do the following:

  • Comment with your favorite hobby.
  • Comment with a cool crochet pattern for me to try.
  • Ask me a question on “Ask Anything Monday”.

The winner will be picked randomly on  January 20th.

A hat and scarf is a necessity these days, I’m excited to give it away!